Start. Sweat. Succeed.


No. 3 – Succeed

End of an exceptionally intense group training session with Chris.

Between your in-depth training plan, hands-on workouts, and personal and online support in nutrition and fitness, you’ll see nothing but success in reaching your goals. And man, does it feel good.


No. 2 – SWEAT

Prisoner push-ups. One of many kinds of push ups Chris has in his fitness arsenal.

From conditioning to weight loss, the gym has everything you need for a total body workout. Your goals, pre-work out assessment, and fitness test will determine the plan of your personal training program. Using a combination of bags, weights, boxing workouts, body weight exercises, cardio routines and endless creative methods (think tractor tires and sledge hammers), you will experience one-on-one training, coaching and encouragement every step of the way. All programs will include the following areas of training:

Cardio – Strength – Performance – Boxing Technique – Weight Loss – Nutrition

Pull ups. Enough said.

Bag work. Essential to elite fitness and strong boxing. A combination of strength training, coordination, endurance, and anaerobic and aerobic activity- there’s no form of exercise quite like it.

No. 1 – START

Medicine ball twist. Full core workout.

Superior fitness has no boundaries. It’s no longer limited to athletes. It does not discriminate against age, gender or experience. It’s an exact science, harnessed and perfected through advancements in science and sports technology. And, it’s attainable to all individuals.

All around, boxing boasts some of the fittest athletes in the world. Today, methods employed to achieve superior fitness used by boxers are being translated to help athletes excel in virtually every sport. A total body workout, boxing and boxing related exercises involve a combination of aerobic and anaerobic activity, requiring endurance, agility, strength, coordination and most of all, sheer mental grit.

Take the first step. START.

Rock climbers. Core, legs, arms- what else is there to say except, YES!!!

Personal Training Program NOW OPEN!

Personal Trainer Chris Johnson assists Jash with dumbbell chest presses.

Front Range Boxing Academy is proud to announce the opening of the gym’s first Personal Training Program!

Train and box your way into elite fitness with Chris Johnson, Certified Personal Trainer and long-time FRBA Instructor.

Kick start your journey with one-on-one goal setting, fitness assessment and testing, online nutrition and work out planning, and straight up hard work in the gym and on the bags with Chris.

It’s never too late to realize your goals.

Start. Sweat. Succeed.